Thursday, May 19, 2011

save the date: 01212012!

What better way to jumpstart this blog than with our save the date! This is my first official DIY project and thankfully it passed Bryan's strict standards... :P

Save the date's are usually given around 6 months before the wedding, although it can also serve as a back-up plan in case your invitation supplier runs late on their delivery. It is normally not a required element, but having one is ideal especially if you're having an out of town wedding. Of course, that's assuming you distribute them way ahead of time, otherwise that would just defeat the purpose.

So anyway, we originally didn't plan to give out any of these since our wedding is only going to be within Manila, but when we started talking about how to go about visiting our prospective ninongs and ninangs, we decided why not give them a save the date so they won't forget! Here's how it turned out...

For those of you who want to experiment on a DIY invitation, you can start with a DIY save the date to dry run your materials and your home printer. Note when choosing specialty paper for printing: make sure the paper is labeled for inkjet printers (if inkjet is what you intend to use) or laser (if you have a laser printer). Having the right paper for your printer will make a huge difference in print quality ;)

Hope you all like it! And for our relatives and friends abroad... this post is for you! SAVE THE DATE! 01212012! :)

PS. we love the brathy signature, don't u? :D