Saturday, November 19, 2011

pretty prenup :)

not everyone who has a dslr can be called a photographer. 

and not all photographers can be called artists.

surely, one of the most important things we were looking for in booking our wedding photographer was that he had to have an artistic eye. mind you, not all suppliers who call themselves "wedding photographers" have that. some just have the fancy tools, a bit of training, and a bit of exposure. we wanted someone with a different aesthetic. someone who could shoot great photos with minimal post-processing AND deliver great after-event products, ie. a stylishly designed wedding album.

bryan and i are blessed to have found all these qualities in j. he's an artist, period. exactly what we needed. for people like us who notice the littlest details and who actually take time to analyze photos, colors, concepts, and most of all composition, j was spot on! :) not to mention he's also a graphic artist. not all photographers understand colors and layouts and have a vision for the end-product like a graphic artist. (biased talaga ako, haha!)

to top all of that, he's surprisingly quite a good director! :P we're not exactly the posy-slash-camera-vain type of people, and i think he did more than his fair share to make us look good on cam! :P so thank you j, for that wonderful experience, for the great photos, and the great company. we're definitely looking forward to having you and your team cover our big day. i can't be more excited! :)

these are RAW photos by the way. who posts RAW photos these days?! i'm happy and you know it :)

photos by J Lucas Reyes
hair and makeup by me (thanks to years of performing/ dancing and saturday night outs when i was still single hahaha)
long dress by Veejay Floresca

ps: saving the best photos for our big day :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

DIY: the number 21

look what i found at TODS megamall today! i was about to paint them white when i decide to take some photos against my colorful striped chair first. :) i'll be using these numbers for our engagement shoot... which i haven't scheduled by the way. oops! 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

DIY: entourage board

i've been meaning to post a bunch of stuff for a while now, but as usual workgetsintheway. stuff like our trip to divi and the 80-peso black silk ties we got, to hairpieces and our bazaar loot for the Christmas season. too many stuff going on indeed!

anyhow yesterday i was lucky enough to have been able to work from home after ten million years of not being able to, hehe. (mental note: i should really start workingfromhome again) and i came up with the idea of putting together a sort of mood board for the entourage because i couldn't quite figure out what neutral shades to use (brown? beige? black?) for the *ahem* more senior people in the entourage. :P i just had to see for myself if everything would blend together and match. after all, B wants a black tie affair. no room for being baduy! :P so anyways here it is :) if any of you brides-to-be would like a blank one that you can use, just send me a message! :)

ps. i showed this to B, and he was like, i can't see the difference (in the neutral shades). sabi ko, BASTA, may difference yan! my mom's is a medium beige, mother of groom is taupe, principal sponsors will be light beige. and principal sponsors ties will be charcoal grey. does this make sense?!? haha. anyhoo, i definitely enjoyed coloring this one :P
(click to view larger image)