Thursday, September 8, 2011

DIY: entourage board

i've been meaning to post a bunch of stuff for a while now, but as usual workgetsintheway. stuff like our trip to divi and the 80-peso black silk ties we got, to hairpieces and our bazaar loot for the Christmas season. too many stuff going on indeed!

anyhow yesterday i was lucky enough to have been able to work from home after ten million years of not being able to, hehe. (mental note: i should really start workingfromhome again) and i came up with the idea of putting together a sort of mood board for the entourage because i couldn't quite figure out what neutral shades to use (brown? beige? black?) for the *ahem* more senior people in the entourage. :P i just had to see for myself if everything would blend together and match. after all, B wants a black tie affair. no room for being baduy! :P so anyways here it is :) if any of you brides-to-be would like a blank one that you can use, just send me a message! :)

ps. i showed this to B, and he was like, i can't see the difference (in the neutral shades). sabi ko, BASTA, may difference yan! my mom's is a medium beige, mother of groom is taupe, principal sponsors will be light beige. and principal sponsors ties will be charcoal grey. does this make sense?!? haha. anyhoo, i definitely enjoyed coloring this one :P
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