Sunday, August 7, 2011

trial makeup: irene sy-go

ima try to keep this post short...! :) so yesterday i had my trial hair and makeup session with the fabulous irene sy-go! my dashing fiance (ive a new adjective for you :P) and i were going to attend a friend's wedding so i thought why not have my trial makeup already. at least i could get feedback and see how long the makeup would last and what not. i booked irene for traditional makeup since i don't think airbrush will make that much of a difference for me :P hehe. i was so happy when she pulled out the first bottle of mac foundation-- it's the same shade i use-- which made me extra extra happy knowing i was using the right shade for myself haha! i absolutely loved the coral+pink lipstick she put on me too, i could swear i almost cried when she made her last stroke of it to complete my look! :) too bad it's not so obvious in the photos anymore as i put on a bit of lipgloss on the way to the reception. anyways, we'll make minor tweeks with the hair and makeup on my wedding day but more or less i think this is how i will look! exciting!!! :D
goodbye eyebags!!! :P

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