Wednesday, July 27, 2011

supplier shortlist: wedding videographers

i must admit, i've been watching wedding videos for over a year before i even got engaged! i don't recall exactly how it started, but i'm guessing it was from friends, officemates, and former schoolmates who were getting married left and right and posting their videos on the net. i loved watching these highly emotional "mini chick flicks" if i may call them that, thanks to an (over)abundance of highly skilled, highly talented videographers in the country today. it was the ultimate guilty pleasure *whee!*

but now that i have every right to indulge in what mighty B would call absolute wedding madness <insert evil laugh muwahahahaha...!>, i'm quite proud to share with you some of the best wedding videographers we've found, carefully handpicked by us :) while we could only afford to book 1 video supplier for our wedding (DUH!), all of these suppliers are nothing short of amazing and have their own unique qualities. i reckon this might be a lame attempt at describing what their work is like, but i'll still try! i just hope i do them justice :) time for me to shush up and just let the videos do the talking...

so read on, watch, fall in love, and if you're a bride, hopefully take your pick. they're so beautiful i can almost cry! *sigh!* :)

why not begin with the one i've stalked for the longest! threelogy's best videos, as far as i'm concerned, have three major components: a destination wedding, lots of lovely details, and great musicality. among all the videographers i've seen i really think their edge is their impeccable timing to music. myself and B, both being very detail-oriented, have this penchant for shots that progress just as the music does. lots of detail shots + perfect timing with music = goosebumps!

Jun and Vanesa from Bong Sare on Vimeo.
other must-see videos: punta fuego and shangri-la boracay

john de guzman of cinemaworks is definitely one of my best finds. i came across his name from a local forum and when i checked out his site i found this set of videos which he made for this year's w@w supplier of the year awards. i was shocked at how good he was! cinemaworks is perhaps the most consistent videographer we've seen, consistent in that their videos keep getting better every time! not to mention, i love love love the colors they use, and they also do amazingly well with non-SDE videos. super plus for the final edit! :)

Don and Aileen Save the date from John de Guzman on Vimeo.

bob nicolas
if you want to remember all of the mixed emotions during your wedding day (not just from you but from everyone else who was there!), get bob nicolas! he's best at capturing raw emotions and telling these lovely boy-meets-girl stories in his SDE's. but i think he seriously up'd his game when i saw this video. OMG. can you say hollywood film?! :O

read the rest of the video's story here.

mayad studios
for couples who want to look and feel like they're in a commercial, mayad is definitely for you! their videos have this dreamy feel to them and look uber high tech (think action film slow-mo's and all these other funky editing tricks i don't know of!). you know, the kind that makes you go, WTF!?! genius. nuff said! 

marie and noah from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

mg digital
one of the most beautiful weddings and wedding videos i've seen is actually from an officemate, and their video was done by MG. gorgeous setting + gorgeous details, perfect shots + perfect timing... i mean, seriously, i have no words left to say! so to cap off this blog post, i bring you the same day edit of ian and janna, masterfully shot and edited by MG Digital videos. one of the reasons why i got hooked to watching these things in the first place. oh what love! 

Ian & Janna from Mervin Gobaco on Vimeo.


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