Friday, July 15, 2011

supplier shortlist: wedding photographers

if you've read my previous posts you might well be aware by now that this whole wedding blogging thing has its limits. :P i can't exactly tell you who our wedding suppliers will be (to avoid setting any expectations). besides, i think it will kill all the drama and suspense leading up to zee wedding day. i've therefore decided that i'll be writing suppliers reviews instead, and in the process hopefully help other brides decide on who to get.

so without further ado, here is my first attempt at writing what will now hopefully be a regular Supplier Shortlist. :)

* * *
if my wedding gown was my non-negotiable, among B's top priorities include the photographer and videographer. this was his absolute no-scrimp-zone. even if it meant spending a whopping *toot*k, he was willing to spend for it arguing that photos/videos are the only thing that will remain after the wedding shmedding. aside from your love for each other and the wedding bands to remind you of course. *hee* in any case, here are three of our picks for wedding photographers, in no particular order. there's a bajillion other talented photographers our there i know, so we narrowed it down to these three. i leave it up to you to ponder on who we officially booked for our big day! :)

john mateos ong
who doesn't like john mateos ong? JMO was one of bryan's top picks before we started planning. he is the pioneer of imagine nation and i honestly believe he is the modern wedding photographer who set the standards for wedding photography as it is today. much like what jason magbanua is to wedding videography. but that's just my opinion. check out the works of imagine nation and you'll know what i mean :) i seriously don't think anyone can go wrong with getting him!

nelwin uy
i love the fact that nelwin uy's branding color of choice is this warm kind of mango yellow. very easy and pleasing to the eyes, just like his photos and his lighting. i am a big fan of natural tones and (no offense to anyone) i find blue/ purple undertones and impossibly high contrast lighting a tad bit tacky for my taste especially when overdone. i don't think you'd want to look back at your photos 50 years from now and have to wonder how your wedding reeaally looked like back then. nelwin does none of this fake looking stuff. good enough for me!

j lucas reyes
i first came across j's work from a friend's wedding and again while browsing through cecilio abad's website which featured this photoshoot. so when i finally came  to browsing his website, i... just... drooled. i can almost call him the master of natural lighting and natural skin tones. no fuss, but as straightforward as what you see with your own two eyes. if you frequent and think those wedding shots are ohsogorgeous, you're sure to love JLR's work!

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