Wednesday, July 6, 2011

if the shoe fits!

according to capital b, i have three shopping phases: shoes, bags, and clothes. and they have a cyclical pattern such that when i'm done satisfying my appetite for shoes, i go on looking for a matching bag... and then new outfits to match... and then shoes again...and so on. you get the picture. :P

and i guess it's true for online-window-shopping as well. or maybe this whole wedding planning thing. once i'm done obsessing with the venue, i go on obsessing with the gown or gownsssss, then flowers, then table settings, then hairstyles, then this, then that, then the venue again, and the gowns...must...not...miss...any...details!!! :P HAHAHA! i can almost imagine B's eyes rolling after an overdose of all the girly things i need to tell him or "ask his opinion about". *hee* it's fun being a girl. and an engaged girl at that. hehe.

anyways, onto the real topic. i've been looking for shoes for quite sometime now and haven't really found anything that made me order it in an instant. and i don't intend to buy my wedding shoes here either. it's always hard to find good comfy shoes around here! bah. so hopefully i can get mine shipped from the US or have my folks bring it home. or maybe we have time (and the budget?) for a quick sidetrip to Hong Kong?!? wishful thinking. in any case, here are some shoes which i think could make it to the wedding day. i've been meaning to get good old comfy nine wests, but i've been seeing a lot of badgley mischka shoes in wedding blogs and whatnot. i wonder if they're comfy enough for a whole day affiar? cute though!


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  1. I would go for the one in teal! Just make sure they have your size. Solea customizes bridal shoes to match your gown. Check them out. I regret scrimping on my wedding shoes. Ended up wearing hotel slippers in the reception!

  2. Thanks Faith! I actually like the teal one too! :)