Tuesday, June 28, 2011

prototyping with veejay

okay enough drooling over vera wang. although im tempted to write about her fall 2011 collection, i think i finally need to move on, haha! because today, i officially had my first fitting. *hee!* and in all honesty, kinabahan ako, for whatever reason i don't know. half excited, and half still in disbelief that i am getting married, and that yes, i was about to fit the prototype of the wedding gown of my dreams. woohoo!

my designer of choice is no secret, so i'm now taking all the freedom in the world to write this entry without fear of retaliation (hehe) from no less than capital B for spilling even more deets about our wedding. if we were a corporation (in fact, we almost are!), we probably would have signed a non-disclosure agreement stating that i am not by all means, allowed to tell the world who our suppliers will be, in order to avoid setting unrealistic expectations blah blah blah... the works. anyway i think i've said a mouthful for an intro already, so yes, moving on to my story...

when i got engaged, the first (natural) thing i did was to scour the internet for wedding gowns. admit it or not, that's probably the first thing any newly engaged girl will do in the name of wedding planning. i got engaged on a saturday night, so i spent the following sunday afternoon looking through blogs and photos, etc. and very first email i sent was to this young designer whose work i've seen through a friend's wedding. that designer happens to be veejay floresca.

three weeks later, we met. we talked. he sketched. and i never looked back, haha! after that i just didn't bother looking for another designer-- not for me, not for my entourage, nor for bryan. so yes, veejay's doing the whole shebang! :P

so why veejay? he's young, uber talented, and i love his design aesthetic. aside from being so easy to work with, i probably really chose him because i knew he was OC and no less than a perfectionist (such as myself). now i am reeeeeaaaaalllyyy looking forward to seeing how my gown will turn out. and the entourage. and my lovee's suit, which hopefully will make him as gorgeous as brad pitt in meet joe black! HAHAHA :D

unfortunately, i have no photos to share today. besides, zee dress must be kept secret until the day of the wedding itself... a la royal wedding. but for now, i can say i am a happy bride to bee :)

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