Friday, June 24, 2011

drool-worthy: vera wang white

back in january vera wang released WHITE-- her drop dead gorgeous yet budget-friendly wedding gown line via and i just instantly fell in love with them and this whole idea of having a vera wang gown for only 1000 USD. that just totally freaked me out :D imagine a PhP 40-50k gown that had vera wang's signature style all over it!!!?!? i would sooo want to wear it ten million times! well one of those dresses that won my heart was this pink organza dress with flange (is that what you call it?) skirt that kinda formed a huge rose at the bottom. ahk. *loveatfirstsight*
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fortunately (or unfortunately) one of my friends/ officemates who was also getting married had some troubles with her designer, and decided to have this dress shipped by her parents from the US. lucky lucky lucky! here are some photos of the same dress in ivory. be prepared to drool! :)

ah wait, but there's more! yesterday i checked davidsbridal and there are new stuff from vera wang! aside from bridal gowns, her white collection now carries bridesmaid dresses and other accessories as well. but we'll get to the bridesmaid dresses later. take a good look at these new gowns first. sigh!
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zooming into the first dress you will find that the bodice is made of this beautiful corded lace. aside from textured skirts, i am absolutely in love with lace. if i was any bit taller i just might have chosen to have an all-lace fitted gown. gorgeous and red-carpety. but im not tall, so scrap that idea :P

now onto the bridesmaid dresses. short and sweeeeet. although i would not want to have these for my wedding, they sure make for lovely cocktail dresses. i want! :)
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