Wednesday, June 22, 2011

fast fwd to a condo life...

let's take a break from wedding planning shall we?
or should i say... let's just fast forward to renovating the condo?!? :P

since capital B and i are already done booking ALL our suppliers, and i feel like i've scoured the internet (and the w@w archives!) for every last bit of advice and other insider information on who's who and what's cool in the wedding industry, i've decided to take a *quick* break from all this wedding shmedding stuff. so i've moved on (at least for now) to checking out home furniture and other household stuff instead... *evil laugh* 

am i fast or am i fast? :P i'd like to think i'm just bored and in bad need of some amusement. and as b and i are self professed design freaks i'd like to share some stuff we've seen around. :)

let's start with one of my favorites. there's just so much to see in i'd like to copy and paste all their entries here! HAHA! but of course, i've got to pick. one of their recent posts featured a designer's condo and his bar table separating the kitchen from the dining is definitely something i'd want for my own! or B's condo that is :P definitely something we're keeping an eye on. here's how it looks. 
(Photo from
i'm also loving the stainless steel appliances with the wood finished cabinetry. the backsplash is a little too dark for our taste though. i'd like to have mosaic tiles for ours. :) ahh... anything to make the kitchen a more enticing work environment for me! now to learn how to cook... :P

next up is the ever so colorful heima store which unfortunately was closed when we tried visiting them in LRI plaza. im also loving their other website which features their design works obviously incorporating the products that you can find in their store. heima's aesthetic is very close to that of cevadesigns, or at least what we envision for the company. :P who knows one day we can work with them. and hopefully someday we can churn out colorful and functional home stuff as well. PRETTY SOON I HOPE! :D
(Photo from
lastly, although i'm not surprised we have an ikea reseller around, i found this link today that some of you might be interested in:

ok that's it, enough daydreaming for now! :) let's see if tomorrow will lead me back to snooping around wedding blogs and whatnot.

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  1. Cool! I've been to the condo on the first photo you posted. It's Jigs Adefuin's condo and he's an interior designer as well. The backsplash on their kitchen actually looks amazing with his kitchen appliances which is mostly stainless steel -- or something like it. The lights reflect on the backsplash when the lights are open. And its easy to wipe off and clean.

    Haha, I adore his condo as well!