Wednesday, June 15, 2011

on themes and motifs

let me begin by saying...
NO we don't have a theme. and NO coral and teal is not the color motif of my entourage. HAHA! there i said it. but im totally digging the coral + teal color combination right now :) i think it's a good palette for a socal-ish drop dead gorgeous wedding <insert perfect lighting here and some freshly-picked garden flowers>. sigh!
unfortunately mr. im-too-macho-for-pink fiance is not too keen on having any shade of pink in our wedding. his picture of what that day might look like is a meet joe black inspired affair-- a lake, a well-lit gazeebo, black coat and tie, a skinny girl with a flimsy outfit (hehe)-- borderline morbid i must say. but in fairness, very high class, timeless and elegant indeed.
*swoon* hehehe oops i meant this next picture...
(white tiffany chairs FTW!)
so as couples must do, we ended up with a compromise. i've always wanted to have the color teal/ turquoise-- "shades of the sea" if i must say, as a reflection of our love for the beach. at one point i even thought of having a water/waves-inspired wedding, with matching wedding cake with an actual water fountain or some such thing, a waterfall backdrop, and a waterfall projector (oops! that was our little secret right there :P ) crazy!!! good thing we did not go with any of that. it was a wedding, not a children's party after all.

i still can't tell you what ours will look like, but for sure there will be a little bit of coral here, some teal there, and it will definitely be a classic, timeless, and elegant black suit affair. :)

ps. i love you mr. im-too-macho-for-pink fiance!!! hahaha... another one for you :P

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