Thursday, June 23, 2011

experimenting invites

since my left brain called in sick today, little miss right brain decided to show up and show off a little bit. i spent the afternoon doodling on photoshop when i came across the invite studies i made for my brother's wedding last year. note that i'm only posting a study-- meaning it didn't quite make it to the printer but i think it can still be used for other weddings :) i've also added a few which i came up with just now. send me a message if you like any of them and i might just give you an offer! :)

i particularly like the pattern on the first set so i resurrected it as a wedding invite sample for ours. we're not using it of course since capital B refuses to use any flourishes for the invite. we will have very plain ones for sure as i've always wanted ours to just be simple and straightforward. the second one is our version of it in teal. it actually looks better this way don't you think?

sharing some other stuff i did today... if you notice, i'm partial to bordered invites right now.
ps. if you like them, we can talk about printing and prices and whatnot. after all, our little baby cevadesigns is currently expanding and looking for new opportunities and design projects to keep our right brains in check ;)

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